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Sent March 9th 2021

Your Newsletter \[\-\-AhU7UboEDM_TMP Removed Javascript:'/cdn-cgi/bm/cv/669835187/api.js DM_TMPAhU7UboE\-\-\] [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] Hi everyone, how are you all doing? We've had a busy few months here at HQ with new stock arriving regularly to put some old favourites back in stock on the website. However, being in lock down since Boxing Day last year we've had minimal staff so we've not been able to get ...

Merry Christmas from

Sent December 24th 2020

Merry Christmas from \[\-\-6VB8UYABDM_TMP Removed Javascript:'/cdn-cgi/bm/cv/669835187/api.js DM_TMP6VB8UYAB\-\-\] [1] Merry Christmas from [IMAGE] 2020 That Was The Year That Was... or wasn't! * Class 08 News * Drummond LSW C14 * Plans for 2021 * Gift Certificates * EMails As the year draws to a close and we prepare to shut the office doors for a few days to go home, relax, eat,...

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Sent November 16th 2020

Your Newsletter [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] [2]Can you believe we're into November already? It's been a tumultuous year for sure and while the pandemic numbers start to rise again, particularly in the West, we hope everyone across the planet continues to stay safe and be healthy. As the UK and much of Europe goes back into lockdown we still only have minimal staff in the TGauge workshop so as much as we would have loved to start shipping the newest and smallest mem...

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Sent October 15th 2020

Your Newsletter [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] Driver 8 - So, here we are at penultimate pre-production model stage. We've still to make a minor tweak to the wasp stripes and to add coupling rods, and providing there's no delay with the chassis frames we can set up full production in the next couple of weeks. So excited. So all being well the first preorders should start going out at the beginning of November. We will of course keep you advised if any delays jeopardis...

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Sent August 28th 2020

Your Newsletter [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] BR CLass 08 PREORDER - Keeping You Up to Scale Speed! Progress on the Class 08 is coming along nicely with this pre-production 3D print making us smile a fair bit, in fact so much so we've even taken it a step further than this and added wasp stripes to it, even before the BR Green goes on! But we'll save a sneak preview of that until next month's update! [2]New Product Development & PREORDER Opportunity Thanks to...

A Message From Your Team

Sent July 20th 2020

TGauge Newsletter - A Message From Your Team [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] Update: We hope across the globe you are all well and keeping yourselves safe as life on Earth slowly approaches a new normality. In Scotland we're still taking a 'softly softly catchee monkey' approach to coming out of lockdown so to comply, our dispatches will continue to go out twice a week for now in order to maintain minimal contact as we ease out of lock down. The more we can all do to s... Newsletter

Sent April 6th 2020

TGauge Newsletter - Updates from [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] [2]Important Update: New Dispatch Days - Mondays and Thursdays [3]Say Konnichiwa to Welcome Our new Japanese Starter Train Set [4]BR Class 08 Shunter PREORDER - Less than 10 Left!. [5]Walking Back to Happiness! Our brass Victorian Footbridge is back in stock and ready to paint! - Model Railway at 1:450 Scale \[\-\-w3cMUdEgDM_TMP Removed Javascript:

An Update from

Sent March 25th 2020

TGauge Newsletter - An Update from [1] An Update from [IMAGE] Hi fellow TGaugers, We hope you are all keeping safe and following guidelines to keep yourselves and your loved ones free from Covid-19. It is quite an unprecedented and confusing time we find ourselves in right now and as suspected in the UK we now find ourselves in a lockdown situation with only essential travel being permitted in order to curtail the spread of the global epide...

Merry Christmas from

Sent December 1st 2019

TGauge Newsletter - Merry Christmas from [1] Merry Christmas from [IMAGE] [2]The TGauge Track Maintenance Vehicle - Available Now! To help tracks stay super clean before Santa arrives. [3]Glenfinnan Viaduct Picture Frame Layout - With Integrated Controller. Available Now! No space for Santa to bring you a new layout? Not anymore! [4]BR Class 08 Shunter PREORDER - Available to PREORDER Now! At a Pre-Christmas price. With expected delivery June, 2020. Fi... Newsletter

Sent March 21st 2019 Newsletter [1] Newsletter [IMAGE] [2]250mA 5V Decoder ...and... [3]BR Inter-City 125 For immediate dispatch. - Model Railway at 1:450 Scale \[\-\-4aayuYXfDM_TMPopen_imgDM_TMP4aayuYXf\-\-\][IMAGE]\[\-\-4aayuYXfDM_TMP/open_imgDM_TMP4aayuYXf\-\-\] [1] [2] [3] https...

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