Hi everyone,

We hope you're all well and continuing to stay safe.

We've been adding lots of new items to the website the past couple of weeks if you'd like to mosey on over and have a look.

But we thought we'd take some of the leg work out of that for you byhighlighting a few of our favourites, and throwing a few offers in there for you too!

There's a CoCo chassis (at last), Train Pack extension sets, and a great GLUE we use in the workshop has been added to the tiny tool shed.

Our absolute favourite? We're totally obsessed with the new LNER extension sets, and so pleased with how they've turned out.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee (or tea) and read on for more details and links to the Website and some great offers too.

CoCo Chassis Drum roll please! How long have we been longing for this to be available? Seems like forever but that doesn't matter now because it's finally here! 6 Axle 21 Metre Motorised Chassis
Deltic Brass Kits Our delicious little Etched Brass Deltic Protototype Kit is back in stock too! We're doing a special to celebrate - buy both the CoCo Chassis and Deltic Kit together and until the end of August we'll knock a tenner off the total price!
Tiny Tool Shed - Mxbon Super Glue We were coming all unstuck with which of our favourite tools and materials to share with you next so we thought it was high time we stocked the tiny tool shed with our favourite super glue, and if you're tempted by the Deltic/Chassis combo, you're going to need it! We use this all the time in the workshop. It's fab and it's a fab price too! Two sizes and two viscosities to tackle all your super fantastic gluing needs! Every workshop should have a bottle of this glue on the bench.
Complete Your LNER Train Set - Got one of these? Then you're gonna want one (or both) of these!
The Buffet Car Extension Set. These 4 coaches hook onto the first class coaches from the loco set and consists of motorised buffet car Coach J, and unpowered coaches G,F and E.
The Guards Van Extension Set - This 3 car set completes the LNER line-up with a motorised coach D, and unpowered Coach C and Trailer Guards Van Coach A/B. So no more disappointed cyclists waiting at your train station!
Well, we're doing a special on this too! - Buy all three packs together (that's a full rake of 11 cars!) and we'll take 10% off!
Shinkansen 0 Additional Sets - Like the LNER, the original Shinkansen 0 ran a pretty long, full rake, of 16 cars! And your extension coaches on this are available in an impressive 12 car set with three motorised cars and nine unpowered and if you feel like treating yourself to the full 12 car extension we�ve got yet another offer for you. Normal price �297 we�re currently offering 10% off -you pay only �265, that�s a saving of �32!

That's it for this time around. Hope you found something to interest you.

Thanks again for reading and for all your support. It's very much appreciated.

All the best for now and please continue to stay safe.

Alan & Lorraine. - Model Railway at 1:450 Scale