A Thank-You, and an Update, from

As the year draws to an end we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom, support, and friendship in what has been another trying year for many.

We send you all our good wishes and hope that you had a safe, happy and healthy festive season and while we're at it... give yet another quick update on where we are with the Class 08's which as you all know has been beset with delays since we announced its concept.

One of the more recent major delays since our newsletter in August when we advised it was 'ready' was quite simply that we weren't 100% happy with its running capability and couldn't confidently 'roll it out' so we paused production to work out what was happening.

Through further investigation we found that the magnets in the wheels were too strong to be so close to the motor and were affecting rolling performance, so instead of consistent running we were getting smooth slow shunting speed and smooth running at full power but there was a sticking point in the middle of the controller speed causing a 'wobble'. And we couldn't have that so new less powerful magnets were produced and have been successfully installed in the few we have made so far. Due to the reduced power in the wheel magnets, they may not quite pull the 20 wagons our first incarnation did but we are sure you'll still be pleasantly surprised with what it can do. Each loco is fully tested before being signed off and packaged for dispatch. And that is where we are now, dispatches have indeed commenced but only as each new loco is made and tested so it's still a fairly slow process. We know this roll-out has taken longer than any of us would have liked but we continue to ask for your patience while we do this. If you have preordered a Class 08, it will be with you in the New Year.

Just a point to note: we are aware that they will not go over the manual or electric points currently available but we are working on a solution for that too, as well as some new layout accessories and exciting new rolling stock for 2022.

Stay Safe, Build Layouts, Save Lives.
Alan and Lorraine. - Model Railway at 1:450 Scale