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Severn Valley Railway Victoria Bridge Kit

Severn Valley Railway Victoria Bridge Kit
Severn Valley Railway Victoria Bridge Kit
Severn Valley Railway Victoria Bridge Kit
Currently out of Stock

Severn Valley Railway Victoria Bridge Laser-Cut Acrylic Kit modelled on the single track bridge over the River Severn as part of the Severn Valley Railway measuring 230mm total length with a central span length of 155mm.

This kit is made up primarily of laser cut acrylic and whilst being the best material for obtaining accurate detail it is extremely fragile in its singular state but when assembled becomes as strong as any other plastic kit. 

Kit Parts Quantity List:

1 x 1 Middle Span 
2 x 2 Span Sections
3 x 4 Stone Side Abutments
4 x 4 Stone Abutments
5 x 2 Pier Abutments
6 x 2 Pier End Walls
7 x 2 Pier Side Right
8 x 2 Pier Side Left
9 x 4 Connecting Locators
10x 4 Top Wall Short
11 x 4 Wall Capping
12 x 4 Top Wall Mid Length
13 x 4 Top Wall Long
14 x 1 Bridge Deck Upper
15 x 1 Bridge Deck Lower
16 x 2 Span Cladding
17 x 4 Stone Course Short
18 x 2 Stone Course Long
19 x 1 Pair of Railings

Tools Required;

Tweezers, needle-nose pliers and a Stanley knife are all the tools you should require to assemble this kit.


Assembly is straightforward as the majority of pieces have been cut with notches so that they will only key in to the correct adjoining piece. For bonding we recommend dicloromethane as it melts the acrylic and is available from modelmaking supply companies such as 4D Models (styrene cement is not suitable). This is a chemical and caution should be exercised when using or if you prefer you can use cyanoacrylate superglue.

Finishing the Bridge;

We painted our metal work using a red primer straight from an aerosol can whilst our stone effect was achieved by lightly spraying with tiny amounts of grey primer, white primer, yellow filler primer, red primer and finally black. Once our paint was thoroughly dry we used a light grey tile grout brushed on then damp sponged off to produce our mortar effect.

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