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GNER HST Additional 5 Car Set

GNER HST Additional 5 Car Set
HST Inter City 125 Additional 5 Car Set.
The set of 5 Carriages in original livery, comes as;
(1x) Mk3 Motorized Buffet/Restaurant Car 
(3x) Mk3 Second Class Carriages
(1x) Trailer Guards Standard Coach
When added to our GNER-125 4 car set, the complete train of 9 units (7+2) measures 455mm (17.9") in length.
Buffet/Restaurant Car is on a 49.5mm Motorized Chassis - same length as 1st and 2nd class carriages.  

David Munroe

A very worthwhile addition to the fleet

After finding the GNER 4 car set, which, TBH, I had forgotten I had bought, and running the same set I just had to have this additional 5 car set. The complete train looks stunning against the landscape. So now I have 2 BR HST125 9-car sets, 1 GNER HST125 9-car set and 1 DB ICE3 8-car set. All I need now is a TGV???? ('')

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