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Shinkansen 0 Series

Shinkansen 0 Series
Shinkansen 0 Series
Currently out of Stock
Shinkansen 0 Series  

A 4 Car Set of the World's very first High Speed Train originating in Japan - The Shinkansen 0 Series Train Set ran the Tokaido Shinkansen high speed line as a 12 car train and now you are just a few moments away from owning a TGauge model of this train with a 4 car set comprising: 

(2x) Motorised locos with bi-directional lighting using the latest drive units, plus 
(2x) Intermediate Carriages.
(2x) Pantographs
Buckeye Couplers plus 2 spare.

Overall length of 4 cars when assembled 230mm.

With the original train being released as a 12 Car Set and some increasing to 16 Cars, expect additional sets to be released subsequently allowing for a full rake to be sweeping across your layout.

If you already run the 103 commuter series on your layout or any of the other Japanese Commuter EMU lines then this addition is a must.
If you've always wanted to build a Japanese layout then this is your opportunity to feature a full complement of Japanese Main line and High Speed Line Trains.
If you are a fan of Japanese Trains then this is your chance to own one of the most iconic in the World's smallest model railway gauge.

James Stevenson


Who doesn't love the bullet train? It's iconic! And in T gauge, it's astonishing! I am still aghast that it exists in such a small form factor. The detail is wildly impressive. Each pantograph is modelled in excruciating detail. This is on top of the glorious LED lights that shine out both ends of this superb model. The detail on this model is unbelievable. Despite this, it feels solidly built. It's a beautiful rendition of a piece of Japanese locomotive history. Wonderfully modeled in painstaking detail. It runs like a charm around the oval included in the HST set I got. Absolutely worth it, in my opinion.


Wonderful Model

The 0 series Shinkansen is such an iconic train and I consider this model to be a great step forward in the world of T Gauge modelling.
Good detailing on the train and the headlights look great as it speeds along the track.
I am very impressed.

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