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Track Loop and PWM Power Box Set

Track Loop and PWM Power Box Set
Track Loop and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Power Box with 120mm Radius of track contains almost everything you need to get started in TGauge. To complete the start-up set you will need Rolling Stock, and also a source of power (see below for your choices). This 120mm loop will cover an area of 253mm x 372mm (10" x 14 3/4").
The contents include;
(1 X) New PWM Controller giving superior performance.
This TGauge PWM Power Control Box can slow your trains down to slower than shunting speed!
(12 X) Curved Track.
(4 X) Straight Track (1 of these is the Power Connecting Track).
(2 X) Switchback Sensors.
(1 X) Power Cable (Box to Track).
(1 X) Wheel Cleaner with Cleaning Paper.
(1 X) Re-railer.
(1 X) Energizing Stabiliser Oil Pen. Good to use after tracks are clean to increase electrical conductivity and also good to use on tracks if they are to be left for any length of time.
Can be powered by (3 X) AA Batteries (not inc.) or AC Mains Adaptor (item number E-001)
or power can be taken from your PC or Laptop through the USB Cable (item number E-300) 

Fernando Belenda Lama

Very good controller

This control box allows you to run several trains at the same time. If you take the split cables as well you have very good control of the speed, but if you want a more complex diorama you better take more than one. I have 7 different trains running with 2 boxes, that also allows me to have 2 different speeds.

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