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JR 103 Kansai Setouchi Line

JR 103 Kansai Setouchi Line
JR 103 Kansai Setouchi Line
JR Series 103 Kansai Setouchi colouring - blue stripe on a cream colored body.
Each train set of four comes with two powered cars positioned as the end cars and two unpowered middle carriages. The powered end cars have the latest Shicoh Motors for improved (quieter, smoother and more flexible) performance. These cars also feature working directional head/tail lights.
Included with the car set are 2 Pantograph Mouldings and a spare pair of Buckeye Couplings along with 2 Coupling Springs.

Further info about the JR Series 103 Kansai Setouchi.

The Setouchi colors are the standard colouring for the Sanyo Main Line and Shimonoseki Region having a combination of blue stripe on a cream colored body. The series103 of this coloring were originally run in the Kansai area, but afterwards were transferred to the Hiroshima area. It's now a familiar site within Hiroshima that it has become one of the colours that is most associated with the Hiroshima region.

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