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GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Set

GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Set
GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Set
GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Set
GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Set
Currently out of Stock
GNER Inter-City 125 HST Model Railway Starter Set with loop of grey raised bed track included.
This set features 120mm radius curves which fit directly inside the 132.5mm radius track that comes as part of the R-042 set or as separate packs, to create a double track. 
The 120mm loop included in this starter set will cover an area of 253mm x 372mm (10" x 14 3/4").
This superbly detailed TGauge train set provides you with everything you need to get started in "T".
The set includes;
A GNER Inter-City 125 HST 4 Car set comprising;
2 x   Powered Locomotives with Directional Lighting
2 x   Unpowered Mklll First Class Carriages
12 x 120mm radius Curved Track Sections
4 x   Straight Track Sections (1 of these is the Power Connecting Track)
2 x   Switchback Sensors
1 x   Re-railer
1 x   Track Oil Pen
1 x   PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Controller 
1 x   Wheel Cleaning Device
Operates on 4.5Vdc;
3 x AA Batteries (not included)
USB Cable E-300 (Optional extra - Product code E-300)
AC/DC Mains Adaptor (Optional extra - Product code E-001)

Additional raised bed track pieces, such as different lengths of straights, curves, crossovers etc (sold separately) connect freely to the sections included in the starter set while it is also possible to extend the set with Flexi Track (e.g. R-035/R-037) using the adapter track R-027.
Also available are 5-Car Additional Carriage Sets (Order code GNER-1255) to take this HST up to its full 9 Car Set.

Matthew Dixon

GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Set

I bought 2 of these GNER Inter-City 125 HST Train Sets about a year ago as there are 2 versions of this set with different track sizes whereby 1 oval of track will fit neatly inside the train set with the larger oval, giving you a very basic double track layout. The detail is amazing on these small models & they come with bi-directional lighting. I definitely recommend this set as a great way of getting started in TGauge & well worth the money.

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